PlayStation 4 Custom Controller Review

Remember face-plates for the Xbox 360? I do. I bought a number of from x box 360’s ancient days and bought into the hype. I was about making it and customizing my games on my own.

It had been a rare possibility to provide some personality that did not include only slapping stickers about it to a gambling apparatus. Microsoft finished up moving out from face-plates in SKU’s and that I eliminate some fantasies of a gaming computer keyboard that was customized.

Using a design studio being released by Microsoft to get your console gear customized seemingly come back there isn’t a whole lot of accessible possibilities for play station 4. Where Controller Folks arrive in, that is. Shock 4 controls are customized by them in a wide range of methods.

Rather than scrutinizing my very own Shock 4, I let the folks send their production to. I’d have gone with something subtle When I had been to customize my own, but I had been delivered a Gold, White and Black Shock 4. The Controller Folks have the customization package in their internet site which enables one to customize all on the control. Including color and fashion, the coloration of the rear and leading casing of the buttons, and also the capacity to things like grips and click sticks.

The customized play-station 4 controller that I received was hammered glowing golden onto the front shell and black over the black casing. It has. Each one the touchpad the head buttons, and also the dpad was given a white that removes any indicator of exactly that which emblem once was on the match. It’s really a style that is striking.

One of those items after customizing your control may be your capability to click and the straight trunk of the Shock 4 controller stick together. My version included whitened click sticks which were mapped into the O and X buttons even though they can possibly be redirected to anything button that I desired.

From the purely aesthetic view, I despise the appearance of the sticks. It seems quite jarring to observe these two click sticks dangling from the trunk of the Shock 4. The click rods do not look expensive or especially striking that does not help.

At first glimpse, I believe In the design perspective that the Double Shock. It will not seem as an Etsy job, however, a very nicely made and well-executed customized made control. If aesthetics are the thing, then the click rods as it failed, may influence you. The other criticism I’ve been on the rear of the control at the bottom side of this control features a thread rather than a black one that sticks outside.

I can be on no account a summary of this Double Shock 4 control and want to be evident this part of the inspection is taking a look at that the customizations made into the Shock 4. In analyzing for me the thing personally is to see when I went straight back into my Dual Shock 4 or gravitated into the customized control. For an initial couple of weeks, I’d the customized made control.

At the rear of the control tend to be somewhat more of a hindrance than a reward, the click rods. They are simple to activate and also have a click texture but being a gamer, I truly fought to wrap my head around utilizing them than one button in the control. When you played with shooters for me would be. Their usefulness is confined.

The remaining part of the control felt amazing and performed. I adored the grip on which the analog rods gave my control. Therefore using only just a tiny tactile grip has been beneficial, my present Shock 4 controls analog rods are just starting to twist. The controller’s remaining part felt 4 having a style that was fantastic.


In the purely aesthetic perspective, I believe that the Controller Individuals have completed a project allowing the consumer to customize it into a few notable ways and going for a design. I was blown away Though the colors weren’t my pick. My real gripe that is sole was that the click sticks that looked and performed.

They did nothing to better my experience and I would counsel against ordering them. If you are on the market to get a Shock 4 control that is a habit, this might be a terrific choice.

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