These Are The Websites Where You Can Find Free Music For Videos

Imagine spending countless hours making a video, editing it, finding the ideal music, building a website to display your work, and posting it on social media. All of that, just for copyright violations to result in it being muted or removed. Many video creators experience this as their worst nightmare, especially newcomers to the industry who are unaware of how music licensing operates or who can’t afford to pay for these rights.

Songs are an essential component of any multimedia project, but obtaining free soundtracks for videos is not always easy. Finding a legitimate source from which to download high-quality music is just the beginning; you also need to confirm that you have the right to use these files for work-related purposes. Fortunately, if you know where to look, there are several solutions available online for all applications.

How to obtain music rights for videos

Let’s take a quick look at the legal aspects of using these free music clips for your work before we get into greater detail about each of the finest sources for downloading free music for videos.

In theory, you could use any song that has ever been created in your videos by simply adding the appropriate file to your preferred free video editing program. However, in practice, this only works if you want to retain the aforementioned movies for yourself, i.e., not use them for commercial items or distribute them to others.

It is illegal to use copyright-protected music without authorization, and penalties range from muted videos to civil court. This makes it crucial that you thoroughly comprehend the permissions of the files you download. If in doubt, don’t be hesitant to get in touch with the musician and explain how you want to use their music.

You’ll notice that the majority of the music available when looking for royalty-free music for videos is provided under a Creative Commons license. There are many levels of freedom within this license, despite the fact that it permits you to download and distribute the content. The following are the top five categories of creative commons licenses:

  • Unrestricted. CC0. Unrestricted publication, distribution, modification, and commercialization of the work.
  • CC BY: Attribution Unrestricted use permitted as long as the creator is acknowledged.
  • Attribution-ShareAlike, CC BY-SA Only the same license may be used to distribute derivative works.
  • Attribution-No-Derivatives under CC-BY-ND. Remixes and derivative works are not permitted.
  • Attribution-Non-Commercial, CC BY-NC. not allowed for use in commerce.
  • In your search for free video music, you may also come across “royalty free” and “public domain” licensing types:
  • A work may be used under a royalty-free license without incurring additional costs each time.
  • The most flexible type of licensing is public domain, which allows for unlimited free use of works for any purpose.


ccMixter, a platform for musician cooperation that encourages derivative works, was created as a Creative Commons project. DJs combine the real vocals that singers upload with samples that musicians share to create captivating tracks.

Tens of thousands of pieces of free music for videos may be found on its dig.ccMixter subdomain and can be browsed by genre, instrument, style, and more. You have the option of using the search box or the helpful “tag search” page, which provides a lengthy list of various categories that will aid in your search.

Lack of skill

Despite not having the largest selection of free video music, Incompetech is nevertheless regarded as one of the greatest places to find royalty-free music. American composer Kevin MacLeod, who has created tens of thousands of sound effects and songs for public use, created the platform.

The website is incredibly user-friendly and enables users to look for the ideal soundtrack for videos based on a variety of criteria, including genre, topic, feel, length, mood, and popularity.

The Audio Library on YouTube

You probably have plans to upload your videos to YouTube and then post them on your video website and other social media sites. If so, why not simply download your free video music from YouTube?

You may sort a vast collection of free music clips in the YouTube Audio Library by genre, instrument, mood, duration, and license type. The YouTube Audio Library also provides a sizable range of free sound effects for your videos in addition to free music clips.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive, sometimes known as FMA, collaborates with radio stations, musicians, and industry enthusiasts to provide one of the broadest collections of free music for videos. Users can browse the more than a dozen genres and hundreds of subgenres available, conduct searches by song title, clip length, or kind of license, and more.

Even though the vast majority of the songs have Creative Commons licenses, some of them can only be downloaded and heard on personal devices. Prior to beginning your project, make sure to double verify.


The two primary platforms offered by Jamendo are music and licensing. All tracks on Jamendo Music’s streaming service are covered by Creative Commons licenses, while Jamendo Licensing provides royalty-free music for commercial use. The former is where you should go if you want to browse and download free music for videos, even though the latter has a nice button that says “music for videos.”

The majority of the free music clips on Jamendo Music cannot be utilized for commercial purposes, which is a drawback. Although some do, you’ll need to open each song you’re interested in order to obtain this information since the site does not support licensing type searches.


A non-profit organization called Musopen is working toward its goal of “setting music free” by providing free sheet music, music for video editing, and educational resources. The majority of the files are orchestral compositions that are either public domain or licensed under a Creative Commons license.

You may download free music excerpts from well-known works like Carmen, The Valkyrie, and The Barber of Seville as well as historical individuals like Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Franz Schubert on the website. The library can be searched by composer, orchestra, era, mood, length, and other criteria.


SoundCloud, one of the most well-known musician networks, boasts a collection of more than 125 million tracks. Many users decide to license their work under a Creative Commons license even though the default licensing type is “All rights reserved.”

Simply search for the genre of song you’re looking for and then modify the default “To listen to” filter option for the purpose of your project to view only free audio clips that are licensed under CC. After that, you can filter your results using a list of tags.


For use in videos, websites, animations, and other media, Bensound provides a huge selection of free music. The platform can be browsed by tags, upload date, popularity, and genre. The owner of the website Bensound, who formerly only featured the compositions of composer Benjamin Tissot, now incorporates the works of other musicians as well.

The great bulk of the platform’s videos are distributed with an attribution-no-derivatives Creative Commons license. This implies that as long as the website is credited and the tracks aren’t remixed or used to produce new songs, you can use them for free as background music for metrolagu videos.


Creative Commons-licensed music for videos may be found in abundance on ccTrax. Thousands of albums and single tracks from a variety of musical genres, from dub and techno to modern classical and rock, are available in the site’s library.

The ability to easily search for free music for videos based on their license type rather than having to read through the specifics of each clip is one of this site’s biggest benefits over competing ones. By selecting from a predetermined list of genres, tags, labels, and artist names, you can focus your search.


In order to share his own unrestricted music snippets with the world, composer Jason Shaw founded AudioNautix. He uses his love of music to assist others in producing their own works without running afoul of copyright laws.

Giving credit to the composer, whether it is Jason or a guest composer, is all that is required in order to use his free music for video editing. You can search the platform’s music collection using keywords, tempo, and genre. To guarantee that the outcomes are as close to your vision as possible, you will also be able to choose from a variety of moods.

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