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TOP Automatic Gate Opener Manufacturers

There is a lot of producers in the automated gate openers enterprise. Our top five picks&nbspare mentioned listed below:

Mighty Mule

This is one of the best brand names of entrance openers. As being a top producer, it includes lots of versions that fit various entrance varieties and weight. Mighty Mule manufactures entrance for heavy-duty apps and gates in the plethora of 700 to 1200 pounds.

Mighty Mule features an in-depth operating handbook in its package with a DVD. This offers a step by step manual on assembling the device, Mule also stands apart for a and trusted warranty period of time!

US Automated Sentry

TOP Automatic Gate Opener Manufacturers

The United States Automatic Sentry can also be one of many top producers of gate openers. One thing that holds the USA Auto Sentry out is the fact that all merchandise comes with an additional attribute called the Sentry Plug N Go. It is a wire funnel that instructions the installation of this gadget.

Gate openers made by US Auto Sentry can open and close within 16 seconds. This is a result of the actual existence of the linear actuator that offers 400lbs of thrust with 1000 lbs of compression. In case you have a huge entrance at home, farm or organization, the US Automatic Sentry is the greatest choice.

One of the strong factors from the US Automated Sentry is that it can be personalized to suit your type.

Ghost Controls

Seeking out the best swing entrance opener, the Ghost Regulates gate opener delivers the best option. It is driven by solar energy and works well for double gates in personal and business properties. It is an innovative entrance opener that offers unique and classic quality to any or all customers


ALEKO is yet another well-known brand name on our list. This can be recommended for large and extremely weighty slipping entrance doors. The price of ALEKO’s merchandise is probably strong details as they are inexpensive compared to their capacity.

It has a chassis manufactured from metallic that offers added vitality in order to manage gates well over 50 ft long and 1400 lbs in body weight. Despite the steel chassis and strong motors of ALEKO’s product, the gate openers are lightweight

E8 Entrance Openers

Looking for the best entrance opener for a couple of leaf gates, the E8 Gate Openers is a perfect choice. E8 Gate Openers offers cheap and powerful products that are accompanied by a 12-30 days guarantee. It is also accompanied by a backup electric battery that demonstrates very helpful throughout a power interruption

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